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Routine is Everything in Recovery

recoveryOn December 25th billions of people around the globe commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. One does not need to be a Christian to observe the holiday; it’s a cultural celebration recognized by millions of non-Christians in the western world. Christmas Eve and Day means joining together with friends and family to eat, drink, and be merry. The average person gladly welcomes the holiday, but for the millions of individuals working programs for addiction recovery, this time of year is in many cases more of a burden.

People in recovery are able to stay the course provided they continue to practice the principles of the program in all their affairs. If one adopts a perspective that holidays are just like any other day of the year (program-wise), there isn’t any reason why you can’t avoid relapse this weekend. Whether you have a month clean and sober or a year, those of you who go about your day with a business-as-usual mentality will protect your recovery as a result. However, it’s vital that you formulate a plan for navigating tricky situations that could impact or even jeopardize your program.

Routine is Everything in Recovery

Those committed to lasting recovery learn early on the importance of ordered routine. Active addiction is the embodiment of chaos and disorder; it stands to reason that recovery is the exact opposite. We cannot leave anything in life to chance; that’s not to say that we are God and can dictate the terms of life; instead, long-term recovery is contingent upon making plans to protect our program. Failing to develop a routine in one’s life can lead to finding yourself in a place or around people and things that could disrupt your mission.

Over the weekend it’s vital to wake up each day committed to living just for today. Living life on life’s terms, one day at a time is paramount to achieving progress. This Christmas, wake up and pray just as you would every day. We still need His guidance; He doesn’t take a day off because of His birthday. He is always listening, and he can direct your spiritual compass to help better your ability to navigate Christmas.

Ensuring that you get to your routine meetings is also a crucial ingredient to avoiding relapse during any holiday. If you are traveling, there are several resources to help you pin down local meetings. There is a good chance some of you want to isolate and get inside your head this weekend, each person’s reasons will be different; although, in most cases, the behavior has something to do with the emotional complexities that accompany holidays. Meetings are an effective means of getting out of your head and back into your recovery. Focus less on yourself (your desires) and more on other peers in the fellowship. The chances are that some people with less time than you could use support this weekend.

Finding Recovery This Christmas

Those of you reading this who have yet to seek help for their affliction might think that you will address your addiction after the holidays. Perhaps one more bash before the music of addiction comes to a pause is in order. However, if you legitimately need help for substance use, then one last party is of little import; now might be the perfect time for seeking assistance and Christians Drug Rehab can start you on a path of lasting recovery. If you’d like to give the gift of your recovery to your family this Christmas, please contact us today.