Christian Drug Rehab

Recovery Requires Spiritual Connection

recoveryAlcohol and substance use disorders are challenging to recover from on your own. Seeking help can significantly improve one’s chance of sustaining a program of long-term recovery. If you have been struggling with drugs and alcohol for an extended period, there is a good possibility you have attempted to stop on your own. You probably found out right away that stopping was the natural part, abstaining for an extended period would present a challenge.

The problem of addiction and treating the condition is complex for the fact that substance use is only a symptom of an underlying disease. The addict and alcoholic is the embodiment of self-will run riot, people who are unable to cope with the difficulties of life—unable to live life on life’s terms. It is for that reason people who attempt to abstain from drugs and alcohol on their own find it so difficult. Take the substances away, the problem of “Self,” persists.

Addiction treatment, followed by a continued program of recovery, works through the contributing factors of one’s use disorder. Addicts and alcoholics who seek treatment receive instruction on the use of healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the obstacles of life. This is a recovery toolbox one can rely on, rather than resorting to substance use.

Addiction Recovery Requires Help

Learning how to process troubling aspects of one’s life healthily is the goal. When going from desperation to being in recovery, the aid of spirituality proves a vital component of success. Overcoming a condition as pernicious as addiction requires equal parts human and spiritual support. A person in recovery’s relationship with a higher power is the glue that holds the entire program together.

In treatment, you will learn techniques for fostering a relationship with a power-greater-than-yourself. Those raised with the teachings of Jesus Christ will require a reconnection. There was a time, before mind-altering substances took hold of you, where you relied on Him for guidance in life. The drugs and alcohol severed your connection, in recovery, you will mend the line of communication.

People with alcohol and substance use disorder have a “God-sized hole,” as the saying goes. Without a spiritual connection in your life, drugs and alcohol become one’s higher power. There isn’t anything that a person living in active addiction won’t do in the name of their chemical deity. With that in mind, recovery is about extricating substances from the equation, reestablishing communication with a higher power, and accepting His blessings.

Christian-Based Addiction Recovery

Active addiction is typified by not being open to the teachings of Christianity; but, that doesn’t mean your God has rescinded you. He has been with you all this time, waiting for you to ask for guidance. You can only receive help if you are willing to take steps to help yourself. If you are ready to break the cycle of addiction and open yourself up to the realm of the spiritual, please contact Christian Drug Rehab. We help those who have lost their way.