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Recovery Requires Balance and Routine

recoveryIt is a challenging task to find your Way in your new-found fellowship of recovery. Those of you that underwent treatment are subject to an introduction on what the program requires of you if lasting recovery is your goal; a significant takeaway from rehab that most people have is the understanding of the value of routine. Practically from day one, after traversing detox, of course, treatment centers ask that you adhere to a schedule; counselors explain that your daily agenda in treatment will mirror (in many ways) your activities after discharge. Merely, what you do in rehab will keep you clean and sober when you head home. So, what does a day in treatment look like compared to life in the “real” world?

Naturally, the life of individuals will vary from person to person and will be contingent upon which program you adopt as your guide. Although, there are many parallels between the modalities for spiritual progress that the majority of people in recovery share. One’s day in recovery starts just like it would for people who are not contending with mental illness; upon waking up you attend to your ablutions, eat a healthy meal, and commence mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead. Whether you are in recovery or not, it’s vital that you take measures to sustain yourself throughout the day. Where the lives of people in recovery diverge from “normies,” is in their need to remain grounded, or centered. Those who stay the course of progress place much stake in the practice of being present; one way to accomplish such a task is to pray and meditate at the onset of each day.

Spiritual fitness is a critical component of long-term recovery. Those who foster a relationship with a “higher power” are far more likely to put the program above all other aspects of life. Getting in the habit of kneeling each morning, clearing your mind, and opening up both heart and soul to something greater takes practice. But, in time the behavior becomes as routine as brushing your teeth.

Recovery, All the Way!

Once you wrap-up your morning routine, it’s probably off to work you go; if the that’s the case, the fact that you have made your recovery a priority from the moment you arose will prove beneficial. When you are centered, it is easier to defend against the stressors of the day; having balance is key to coping with anything that may arise that can derail your recovery. Some find time before work to get to a meeting; others go to one during lunch; some will attend a recovery group after they finish with work. The time day you participate in a meeting pales in importance to the act of getting to a meeting at all. In treatment, you undoubtedly went to meetings every day; the same must be true long after discharge.

Making time to bond with your peers in recovery is another salient facet of addiction recovery. Your connection with the group-at-large will help you develop social relationships that will prove necessary when times get tough. When you were in treatment, it is highly likely that your counselors made mention of the importance of a support network; even in the confines of a recovery center, the potential for relapse is real. With that in mind, beyond the walls of rehab one needs even more support. Never discount the worth of a close-knit group of friends who have your best interests in mind.

As the day winds down, you may find an opportunity to do some step work or general recovery assignments, just as you did when in treatment. If you feel good about your level of participation in your recovery for the day, then put your feet up and relax, maybe watch a movie. Leisure time is also vital to a balanced recovery!

With bedtime approaching, pray or meditate once more; it is an excellent way to round-off your day. Life may be reasonably linear, but the day-in-and-day-out of recovery takes a circular shape. Those who stay clean and sober “just for today,” usually do what they did yesterday, in most cases—you do what you did when in treatment.

Making A Decision to Recover

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