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Recovery Over the Weekend

recoveryIt’s likely that the majority of Americans with employment have the weekends off unless one is in a unique field. Full-time workers are usually clocked-in from 8 to 4 or 9 to 5, five days a week. After putting in 40 hours, such people are eager to relax come Friday evening, after all, they’ve earned a break. While “R and R” is essential, being part of a balanced life, people working a program must continue putting work into their recovery — even on the weekends.

Keep in mind, the disease of addiction doesn’t relent on the weekends; it is always around the corner waiting for an individual to drop their guard. Each person in recovery must continue to exercise vigilance, mainly when you have some downtime. In some ways, staying abstained from drugs and alcohol is easier when you are distracted by work; routine has a way of protecting you from “stinking thinking.” When you are occupied with your job, it affords less time to entertain cravings—which you could view as a blessing in early recovery.

Most people working a program make a point of getting to at least one meeting per day, often before or after work. Keeping your mind busy with tasks at work, and attending meetings to stay grounded in recovery, affords less time for living in the past and daydreaming of a future that has yet to come. Our daily routine keeps us, present.

Practicing Recovery Over the Weekend

Idle time is no friend of recovery. Those who manage to acquire significant recovery time are most often the people who work on their program whenever they are able. The majority of people in long-term recovery didn’t squander opportunities to share with their “homegroup” how they are doing or waste a chance to introduce themselves to a newcomer.

While loafing around the house watching Netflix is not without its appeal, it isn’t exactly conducive to spiritual growth. In many cases, what you do for your program when you could elect to do something else, that’s most critical to recovery. That’s not to say that you need to be in a meeting whenever you have free time; instead, during your days off be sure to get to meetings when you usually would during the work week.

If you have been around a little while, you probably have found a homegroup; that is, a group of other men and women in the program who you feel most comfortable around. They rely on your Presence, and you theirs; together with them, you can keep the disease at bay and work towards progress. Such people look forward to seeing you one day after another, and they draw strength from you. After all, going to meetings shows the newcomer that the program works, and you are a living testament to the merits of putting in the work. When you keep coming back to meetings, you are in effect one of the miracles of recovery. So, if you haven’t been going to meetings during your days off, perhaps you’d consider trying to attend more meetings on the weekend. You never know, you might inspire another person to keep coming back, no matter what!

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