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Recovery: Choosing 12 Step Programs

A recovery laymen may think that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are made up of only alcoholics. Conversely, one might think that Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are comprised of only addicts. Such a thought is not without merit, early meetings of AA instructed people with problems other than alcohol to merely listen. Viewing alcoholism and drug Read More

Encouraging People to Seek Addiction Treatment

One need only look at the evening news to know the seriousness of addiction in America. There is hardly a family that doesn’t have member who has been touched by a substance related mental illness. With the ever-rising death toll linked to opioid use, we all have a vested interest in seeing more people find Read More

Alcohol Addiction: A Global Concern

Every year, the majority of our clients at Christians Drug Rehab are Americans. Those in need of alcohol or substance use disorder treatment come from all walks of life. People from nearly every age, ethnic or socioeconomic demographic can find themselves in need of long-term residential addiction treatment. While methods of treatment are effective, most Read More

Addiction Recovery: A Spiritual Life

“Deus ex machina,” meaning ‘god from the machine.’ Three Latin words to describe a “seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the inspired and unexpected intervention of some new event.” At this point you might be scratching your head, ‘what could a plot device have to do with addiction recovery?’ But, for those Read More

Alcohol Use Disorder: An American Problem

If you found your way to this blog, there is a good chance you are in recovery or in need of recovery. It is also possible that you have a loved one who is struggling with either drugs or alcohol. Regardless, if it be drugs or alcohol that one has problem with, the solution is Read More

Recovery: Looking for The Similarities, Not the Differences

If you are sitting in a 12-step meeting, or currently in treatment for addiction you have achieved a remarkable feat. It is easy to remain embroiled in the destructive cycle of addiction. Choosing another path takes tremendous courage. Going against your programming, so to speak. But, surrendering and beginning a program of recovery is only Read More

Mental Illness In America: A New Report

Do you have a form of mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with the symptoms of mental illness each year. Fortunately, there are effective treatment methods available that can help the afflicted recover. Unfortunately, the majority of nearly 44 million Read More

Opioid Addiction Epidemic Action Plan

It has been roughly two decades since the opioid addiction epidemic in America began. The “fall” came slowly, but gains momentum with each year that passes. And now, around hundred Americans die of an overdose every day of the week. As in myth, putting Pandora back in the box is no easy task, but efforts Read More

Staying Present In Recovery

In recovery we have so much for which to be grateful. There are never mornings when we wake up and wonder how our addiction will be managed for another day. Scraping together resources for drugs and alcohol to feed the spider of our disease. It is often said that working a program of recovery is Read More

Cannabis Laws and Teenage Use

The days of people only smoking marijuana have long past. The new legal cannabis market across the country has opened the door for various ways of getting high on the drug. Which could be both good and bad, at the same time. To be fair, those using medical marijuana with conditions affecting their lungs are Read More