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Addiction Recovery Demands Focus

Addiction recovery requires focus. Along the road of abstinence are many potholes that can cause you to stray from the path. Usually when one finds their self in a dangerous place they can correct course, assuming their program is strong. And that their spiritual connection is intact. But if it is not, the obstacles to Read More

Opioid Addiction State of Emergency

Our national opioid addiction epidemic has left practically every state reeling for solutions. Which, as you are probably aware, has proven to be a difficult acquisition. While the federal government has worked together to pass legislation specifically designed to combat the scourge of opioid addiction and the fatal overdoses that often result from such a Read More

PTSD: Encouraging People to Seek Treatment

Over the past three-day weekend, Americans across the country and those serving active tours of duty overseas—observed Memorial Day. Honoring the brave people who have fought for this country goes back to the mid-1800’s following the Civil War. The sacrifice made by countless individuals must never be forgotten. The three-day weekend, in modern times, is Read More

Exparel Could Help End Opioid Epidemic

The reality is that prescription opioid painkillers are the best way to treat pain after surgery. And given the prevalence of opioid addiction in America, the need for something safer is paramount. For millennia, opium and its derivatives have mitigated the intensity of all things pain. Even though such drugs can be habit-forming and lead Read More

Funding Addiction Programs In America

Last week, we wrote about a concerning topic that dealt with the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), the main federal agency charged with coordinating the various efforts against the American opioid addiction epidemic. We would like to point out, once again, that the following words are in no way in support of one Read More

ONDCP Budget Cuts Cause Concern

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), whose director over the years is often referred to as the “drug czar,” had long been associated with draconian policies that focused more on jailing addiction than treating it. Towing the line of lawmakers going back decades who could not wrap their heads around the fact that Read More

OxyContin: From A Lie To An Epidemic

About 20 years ago the message about one of the most abused pharmaceuticals ever made was that it was safe, and relatively non-addictive. OxyContin was marketed aggressively as being the new miracle drug of pain management and that doctors should not hesitate to prescribe the drug for practically all things pain. Obviously, that was untrue Read More

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is never a good idea, despite the fact that countless Americans engage in the dangerous practice daily. Most people get away with it, but for those who don’t, it usually involves either a DUI citation or worse. Some 27 people die because of a drunk driving crash every Read More

Hope, Faith, and Addiction Recovery

hope hōp/ noun 1) a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. 2) a feeling of trust. Much of addiction recovery concentrates on the important noun defined above. In many ways, it is the driving force behind a person’s continued effort to work a program of recovery, the belief that if Read More

Oxytocin Could Help Prevent Relapse

Oxytocin is a human peptide hormone and neuropeptide—commonly referred to as the ‘love hormone.’ While it may appear that one would need to a have a degree in science to understand the nature of oxytocin, for the purposes of this article it will suffice to that the hormone plays a role in social bonding and Read More