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Recovery Beyond Thanksgiving

Just because Thanksgiving is behind us, it doesn’t mean we stop giving thanks, in recovery. If you made it through the first sobriety litmus test of the holiday season, you have much to be thankful for today. Everyone in recovery knows the added stress that comes with end-of-year festivities, traveling and being around individual family Read More

Fentanyl is Now a Schedule I Narcotic

There are two kinds of fentanyl, both of which do the same thing—kill pain and individuals. One form of fentanyl is found in a hospital setting for severe levels of pain, often used in the performance of surgical operations. The other form of the synthetic opioid, made from ingredients manufactured in China, is later sold Read More

Addiction Recovery “Get Well” Jobs

“We have a lot of alcoholism and addiction around us, but these are wonderful people,” said Phillip Byrd. “A lot of them are just trying to make it in life.” Addiction recovery is about many things. Stemming the tide of an insidious disease and committing oneself to living a spiritual life are two important aspects, Read More

Recovery Requires Spiritual Connection

Alcohol and substance use disorders are challenging to recover from on your own. Seeking help can significantly improve one’s chance of sustaining a program of long-term recovery. If you have been struggling with drugs and alcohol for an extended period, there is a good possibility you have attempted to stop on your own. You probably Read More

Opioid Addiction In Poetry

Over the past two decades, an addiction epidemic has had a crippling effect on the United States. Large cities and small towns alike are in a scourge of opioid addiction, both prescription painkillers and heroin have stolen hundreds of thousands of lives. Naturally, it’s hard not to be affected by what we are witnessing in Read More

Addiction and Overdose Death: Prerequisites for Seminary School

If you are battling opioid use disorder it’s likely you know what is at risk. Chances are you know people who have lost their lives to overdose, in recent years. In 2016, there were 64,000 recorded overdose deaths, setting another record. It’s a number that will probably be surpassed this year, due to the continued Read More

Anxiety: “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Mental illness has been on everyone’s mind of late, but fewer people’s tongues. Psychological health conditions affect millions of Americans, yet it’s hard to talk about it openly for fear of being treated differently. Last week, we discussed dual diagnosis at length in observance of Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). Dual diagnosis, otherwise known as Read More

Dual Diagnosis: A Common Occurrence

  At Christians Drug Rehab, we have seen addiction affect people from all walks of life. We know firsthand that addiction, like any form of mental illness, does not discriminate. What’s more, addiction and other forms of mental health disorders often go in tandem. If you struggle with depression, there is a chance that you Read More

Limiting Opioids – Preventing Addiction

If you have become addicted to prescription opioids, then you know that stopping is not an easy task. Even if you have never tried to quit taking them, you probably have missed a dose before. What you experienced was likely the beginning stages of withdrawal. Feelings of restlessness, irritability and slight nausea. Such feelings likely Read More

Christian-Based Addiction Treatment

Are you actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol? If so, it’s likely you’ve considered addiction treatment and recovery. At the end of the day, working a program of recovery is your best chance at stemming the deadly tide of addiction. The longer recovery is put off, the greater the chance of experiencing life-threatening consequences. Hopefully, you Read More