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Prescription Opioids vs Non-Narcotic Painkillers

Knowing that a substance carries the risk for addiction is not always able to deter initiation. Human beings excel at rationalizing behaviors, even when their choices could lead them down a dangerous path. Naturally, if a person dabbles in cocaine and heroin use and becomes addicted, there is little cause for surprise. After all, so-called Read More

Addiction’s Opposite is Connection

How do we even begin to wrap our heads around the fascinating and terrible nature of addiction? After all, we are talking about a disease that is invisible; the symptoms may reveal themselves on the surface, but by and large, use disorders linger beneath the surface. Experts spend their entire lives endeavoring to explain how Read More

Recovery Over the Weekend

It’s likely that the majority of Americans with employment have the weekends off unless one is in a unique field. Full-time workers are usually clocked-in from 8 to 4 or 9 to 5, five days a week. After putting in 40 hours, such people are eager to relax come Friday evening, after all, they’ve earned Read More

Addiction-Free Pain Management On The Horizon

Owing to the opioid addiction epidemic, pain management of the future could look like something out of a science fiction film. The goal: provide patients effective pain relief without the inherent risks found in opioids, i.e., addiction and overdose. A horrific number of people have died as a result of their desire for freedom from Read More

Addiction Recovery: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Addiction recovery rests on harmony; mind, body, and spirit. Alcohol and substance use disorders are brain diseases, severe mental health conditions with no known cure. However, treatment can lead to long-term recovery, through the maintenance of a person’s spiritual condition. Those who make progress working a program are people who address every aspect of their Read More

Fentanyl Via USPS is Concerning

Fentanyl is a drug talked about often these days, and for a good reason; the drug’s prevalence grows day by day. We’ve spent time, on more than few occasions, discussing the inherent dangers of synthetic opioids—perhaps the most deadly, legal narcotic ever created. People abusing illicit opioid painkillers and heroin are at perilous risk of Read More

Primary Care Physicians Prescribing Opioids

In 2016, doctors prescribed enough opioids to give every adult in America a bottleful. Such statistics are unsettling, saying the least, considering our country lost 64,000 (42,000 opioid-related) citizens to overdose in 2016. The need for curtailing prescribing practices is higher than ever, yet doctors seem to operate business as usual. There is a clear Read More

Alcohol Use During Dry January

Only you can decide that your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy, and the decision to abstain from beer and liquor must be internal. One can indeed meet all the criteria for alcohol use disorder and still maintain the belief that all is well; however, if individuals are looking to turn their life around they must Read More

Addiction Epidemic In Farm Town, America

When the nation discusses opioid abuse in rural America, people usually think of the Appalachian region and the Midwest. Such areas have been devastated by elevated addiction, overdose, and disease transmission rates; the problem is hard to address due to the severe lack of addiction treatment services in those areas. Efforts to expand treatment options Read More

Routine is Everything in Recovery

On December 25th billions of people around the globe commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. One does not need to be a Christian to observe the holiday; it’s a cultural celebration recognized by millions of non-Christians in the western world. Christmas Eve and Day means joining together with friends and family to eat, drink, and Read More