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Mental Health Month: Fitness 4Mind4Body

mental healthAddiction treatment, while life-saving, is a monumental undertaking involving making changes to practically everything in one’s life. Those set on recovering from alcohol or substance use disorder commit themselves to doing whatever is needed to prevent relapse once treatment concludes. People in recovery often say that the only thing that needs to change is everything; meaning: recovery requires far more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

The use and misuse of mind-altering substances is a symptom of a far more significant problem, that of Self. Addiction is a disease of the mind, an incurable mental illness; fortunately, treatments are available, and recovery is possible if individuals are willing to take specific steps. With that in mind, merely putting down drugs and alcohol won’t be enough to keep addiction at bay; regular mental, physical, and spiritual maintenance is a necessity.

Everything is connected; your physical health is dependent on your mental health, and vice versa. What’s more, those who achieve long-term recovery dedicate a significant amount of time gauging one’s spiritual condition and taking steps to grow internally. Internal growth leads to external progress! If lasting improvement is the goal, you cannot ignore any of the above components.

May is Mental Health Month

Treatment is the launch pad for long-term addiction recovery; but, self-work continues for the rest of a person’s life. May is Mental Health Month; a time to encourage people to seek assistance and to educate people, who are already in recovery, about ways of fostering growth. This year, Mental Health America chose the theme of Fitness #4Mind4Body. The organization and its affiliates are promoting methods individuals can utilize for a healthy mind and body.

A significant number of people working programs of recovery have aspects of their life that are hindering their ability to make progress. All the pieces matter! If you are eating poorly or living a sedentary lifestyle, it drastically limits your potential. There are little changes you can make that will exponentially improve your program and, subsequently, life-quality. Mental Health America wants to get some messages across that can help everyone, including:

  • Mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and mental illnesses are common and treatable.
  • A healthy lifestyle can help to prevent the onset or worsening of mental health conditions; it can also help people recover from these conditions.
  • Eating healthy foods, managing stress, exercising, and getting enough sleep can go a long way in making you both physically and mentally healthy.
  • Stress has a huge impact on our lives and can make even day-to-day life difficult; people who feel depressed or chronically stressed may have a greater risk of physical illnesses.

Making small changes gradually and building on those successes can make an enormous difference in your life for the better. If you would like assistance in bringing about healthy alterations, check out the Fitness #4Mind4Body Challenge.

Mental Health Treatment

If you are struggling with addiction and another form of mental illness, please contact Christians Drug Rehab to learn more about our dual diagnosis program. Our dedicated team can help you break the cycle of addiction and manage your co-occurring mental illness.