Christian Drug Rehab

Christian-Based Addiction Treatment

treatmentAre you actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol? If so, it’s likely you’ve considered addiction treatment and recovery. At the end of the day, working a program of recovery is your best chance at stemming the deadly tide of addiction. The longer recovery is put off, the greater the chance of experiencing life-threatening consequences. Hopefully, you are ready to take certain Steps.

If you have been investigating your treatment options, you are probably aware of some of what is required. You know that most treatment centers rely on the 12 Step recovery modality, in conjunction with various forms of therapy. Those of you familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous know that they are spiritual programs. Whose members rely heavily on a connection with a power greater than themselves. This “higher power” can take many different forms and have an infinite number of interpretations. Yet, what one believes in isn’t as important as developing a connection relationship with something greater.

People in the grips of addiction live life with a delusion of control. Convincing their self that it is I who runs the show. Accountable to no-one. Recovery, on the other hand, rests on accountability. Accountable not just to the fellowship (i.e. recovery peers and sponsor), but to their higher power. At the start of each day, we ask our higher power for guidance and strength. Something which is greatly needed to stay the course of recovery.

Christian Based Addiction Treatment

Your typical treatment program works with clients who work to develop or reconnect with a God of their understanding. From one client to the next, higher powers vary; what one believes in is between them and their higher power. However, in the United States most people turn to the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus. A straw poll at AA and NA meetings would likely show a Christian lean. But, and to be clear, achieving long term recovery can be achieved by believing in something or someone other than Jesus.

There is a good chance that many of you reading this had some kind of relationship with the Christian faith growing up. As mental illness took hold, you strayed from the path like so many others. The drugs and alcohol block your ability to talk to God. Recovery, conversely, allows you to reconnect or establish for the first time with a power greater than yourself.

If your background is Christianity, then you may know that long term recovery is dependent on a higher power. And a Christian faith based treatment program likely appeals to you. What’s more, your recovery program will begin in the company of others who share the same faith as you. Since recovery is only possible with the help of others, it makes sense being surrounded by those who share your beliefs. Together, you will be able to work on problems as they arise, issues blocking you from the sunlight of the spirit.

Christians Drug Rehab

Our facility is geared with Christ-centered values in mind. During early recovery, we can help you reestablish your connection with Jesus Christ. Together with the principles and traditions of 12 Step recovery, you too can achieve long-term recovery. Please contact us today.