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Addiction Recovery “Get Well” Jobs

“We have a lot of alcoholism and addiction around us, but these are wonderful people,” said Phillip Byrd. “A lot of them are just trying to make it in life.”

Addiction recovery is about many things. Stemming the tide of an insidious disease and committing oneself to living a spiritual life are two important aspects, but recovery is about so much more. Those who embark on the Journey receive an opportunity to no longer be defined by their mental illness. For many people in recovery, the majority of their life was consumed by drugs and alcohol; everything they did was in service to their disease. In recovery, we are in the service of helping others so that we may assist ourselves.

It’s easy to see recovery as second-chance in life, the possibility of change for the better. In many ways that is accurate, the majority of addicts and alcoholics die in the grips of this most severe illness. Those who make the courageous decision to seek addiction treatment and set their sights on something better for themselves are the minority, sadly.

One of the reasons that individuals don’t take action to “right the ship,” that is their life, is that they don’t believe recovery is possible. Such people think their lot or destiny is to perish in the clutches of addiction. After years of living in despair, it’s not hard to see why some people would lose all hope for something better in life. The goal is to show such people living examples that addiction treatment works and recovery is within reach.

Growing Beans of Recovery

addiction recoveryAfter people go through treatment, they are encouraged to find what’s known as a “get well job.” That is, find a position locally that is not too demanding, an environment conducive to making the transition back into society. There are many examples of get well jobs, the underlying current of each is a stress-free environment. Early recovery is a fragile time, people in “it” are still fortifying their defenses for keeping the wolves of addiction at bay.

Coffee shops have long been synonymous with addiction recovery. The “meeting-after-the-meeting” typically commences in environments with the robust smell of coffee beans in the air. Many people in recovery are on first name basis with their barista. With that in mind, coffee shops are an ideal setting for people in recovery to get back into the workforce.

A new coffee shop in Winnsboro, South Carolina, is an example that addiction recovery is possible. Christ Central Ministries, which houses 14 people in recovery from addiction and homelessness, is operating Growing Beans, WLTX 19 reports. Staffed by people in recovery, with Phillip Byrd leading the way, a man who struggled with alcohol for most of his life. Byrd says he is thrilled with the opportunity and loves to meet people and hear new stories, but the most important stories come from the people in recovery working at Growing Beans.

“It helps them with their self-worth. It gets them back into society. It puts them into a role where they can be helpful to people,” said Jimmy Burroughs, director of Christ Central Ministries in Winnsboro. “I think that dealing with the public is going to help these guys and ladies, to see that they are part of something that is good and they can get back and start their life over.”

Addiction Recovery

When people seek recovery and continue to work a program day-in-and-day-out, it shows others that turning one’s life around is possible. Alcohol and substance use disorders are deadly if left untreated. If you or a loved one is in the throes of addiction, please contact Christians Drug Rehab. Our Christ-centered treatment program can help.