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Mental Health Care at College is Hard to Access

Young adulthood is a transitionary period in people’s lives. Individuals finish high school and set about on a quest in search for a purpose and place in life. Several factors can complicate a person’s journey to find a path in life that is in line with what they hope to achieve; mental health is one Read More

Alcohol Awareness Month, Changing Attitudes

It’s time to talk about alcohol, seeing as it is Alcohol Awareness Month. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that each year nearly 90,000 Americans die prematurely due to alcohol-related complications. Alcohol use is the third leading cause of preventable death, after tobacco and poor diet. Unlike opioids, alcohol usually claims its Read More

Prescription Opioids Covered by Medicare

Is putting limits on prescription painkillers the answer to the American opioid addiction epidemic? Would thresholds on prescription opioids reduce the number of people who are, or would become, opioid addicts? Both of these questions are worth asking, but they are not easy to answer for myriad reasons. First and foremost, patients struggling with pain Read More

Spiritual Growth In Recovery

The Vernal Equinox (the transition from winter to spring) is behind us which means that the weather is changing. The colder months of the year are especially trying for many people working a program of addiction recovery for several reasons; most notably, less sunlight can wreak havoc on people’s attitude, and inhospitable climates make it Read More

E-Cigarettes Could Do Greater Harm Than Good

Quitting smoking significantly improves your ability to stay on track in recovery. The question then is, ‘how will you go about the difficult task of smoking cessation?’ Gums, patches, inhalers, medications, or e-cigarettes are the only options available to people who desire a nicotine-free life. Such products have proven helpful to many inveterate smokers; however, Read More

Prescription Opioids vs Non-Narcotic Painkillers

Knowing that a substance carries the risk for addiction is not always able to deter initiation. Human beings excel at rationalizing behaviors, even when their choices could lead them down a dangerous path. Naturally, if a person dabbles in cocaine and heroin use and becomes addicted, there is little cause for surprise. After all, so-called Read More

Addiction’s Opposite is Connection

How do we even begin to wrap our heads around the fascinating and terrible nature of addiction? After all, we are talking about a disease that is invisible; the symptoms may reveal themselves on the surface, but by and large, use disorders linger beneath the surface. Experts spend their entire lives endeavoring to explain how Read More

Recovery Over the Weekend

It’s likely that the majority of Americans with employment have the weekends off unless one is in a unique field. Full-time workers are usually clocked-in from 8 to 4 or 9 to 5, five days a week. After putting in 40 hours, such people are eager to relax come Friday evening, after all, they’ve earned Read More

Addiction-Free Pain Management On The Horizon

Owing to the opioid addiction epidemic, pain management of the future could look like something out of a science fiction film. The goal: provide patients effective pain relief without the inherent risks found in opioids, i.e., addiction and overdose. A horrific number of people have died as a result of their desire for freedom from Read More

Addiction Recovery: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Addiction recovery rests on harmony; mind, body, and spirit. Alcohol and substance use disorders are brain diseases, severe mental health conditions with no known cure. However, treatment can lead to long-term recovery, through the maintenance of a person’s spiritual condition. Those who make progress working a program are people who address every aspect of their Read More