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Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is never a good idea, despite the fact that countless Americans engage in the dangerous practice daily. Most people get away with it, but for those who don’t, it usually involves either a DUI citation or worse. Some 27 people die because of a drunk driving crash every Read More

Hope, Faith, and Addiction Recovery

hope hōp/ noun 1) a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. 2) a feeling of trust. Much of addiction recovery concentrates on the important noun defined above. In many ways, it is the driving force behind a person’s continued effort to work a program of recovery, the belief that if Read More

Oxytocin Could Help Prevent Relapse

Oxytocin is a human peptide hormone and neuropeptide—commonly referred to as the ‘love hormone.’ While it may appear that one would need to a have a degree in science to understand the nature of oxytocin, for the purposes of this article it will suffice to that the hormone plays a role in social bonding and Read More

Stigma Keeps People From Help

Thousands of Americans work tirelessly every year to help break the stigma of mental health disorders. Whether they are working for public health organizations or in the private sector, they all have a common goal of encouraging the afflicted to speak openly about their disease with friends, family or medical providers. It is no secret Read More

Fentanyl Pills Exacerbate Epidemic

If prescription opioid or heroin abuse weren’t deadly enough, the situation in America has become even more fraught with peril due to an increase in illicit fentanyl use. If you happen to be a regular follower of our posts, then you are aware that we have covered the subject of fentanyl on numerous occasions. It Read More

Prescribing Opioids Electronically

In the 21st Century, much of our life revolves around technology. Your average American has sensitive information coursing through the internet that makes life easier when it comes to paying bills, balancing finances and making appointments. We no longer need to call our doctor for an appointment, we can just log onto our health network Read More

Addiction Treatment Length of Stay

Setting genetic predisposition aside, the progression from substance use to abuse and addiction is, more times than not, a lengthy process. Moving from manageability to unmanageability can take years, even decades in some cases. Nevertheless, the end result of heavy use of any substance is never good. Those who use drugs and alcohol in problematic Read More

Talking About Marijuana With Your Children

The majority of parents know the difficulty in discussing certain subjects with their children. Regardless of the subject matter. Adolescents have a de facto setting to question everything, even if it what they are hearing makes sense. Naturally, some of the most difficult subjects to cover regard sex and substance use. Given that most parents Read More

Calling the Police on Addiction

If you are a parent, and your son or daughter suffers from the disease of addiction, then our hearts go out to you. At Christians Drug Rehab, we know first-hand the pernicious nature of addiction, not just on the afflicted but rather on the entire family. When substance use takes hold of a loved one, Read More

Stress In America and Protecting Your Recovery

We find ourselves living in an interesting time. The state of both the country and the world is one of uncertainty. And if you are looking for some form of definitive clarity, the news may not be the best place to look. No matter who you are, where you came from or what you do Read More