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Spiritual Growth In Recovery

recoveryThe Vernal Equinox (the transition from winter to spring) is behind us which means that the weather is changing. The colder months of the year are especially trying for many people working a program of addiction recovery for several reasons; most notably, less sunlight can wreak havoc on people’s attitude, and inhospitable climates make it hard to take advantage of the outdoors. Given that a significant number of people working a program derive both purpose and pleasure from being in nature, the winter can serve as a temporary spiritual speed bump. Arguably, spiritual maintenance is more challenging in February, compared to August.

The United States isn’t out of the woods yet, evident by storms on the West Coast and a string of nor’easters in the East. However, just knowing that it’s about to get a whole lot warmer and sunnier is often enough to raise people’s spirit. The prospect of more hospitable climes can provide you with a spiritual boost; this gives people the opportunity to think of ways that they can acquaint themselves with nature. The great outdoors has a way of providing people in recovery perspective; sitting on a sun-drenched beach, for instance, has a way of grounding individuals by reminding you that there is a power higher than yourself.

Understandably, some people new to the program may not have discovered how beneficial spending time outside is for personal growth. Support groups, step work, meetings, and being of service will always be of the utmost value; but, there is also much spiritual growth to be had beyond the rooms, as well.

Spiritual Addiction Recovery

Trusting in a higher power, God or Jesus, requires faith in something greater than yourself. Accepting that you are not the master of the universe and never will be, while hard to digest, is paramount to your newfound mission in life. Even though the Spirit is everywhere, it is not always easy to see, especially when you are feeling a bit down. Since people are apt to be melancholy in the winter, they are more likely to experience a spiritual disconnect. Naturally, spirituality being the backbone of recovery, disharmony is problematic.

If you are in your first year and successfully made your way from one end of winter to the other without using, then you have overcome a monumental obstacle. It’s likely you had to expel much energy to avoid the trapping of drugs and alcohol during tough times, which has left you feeling drained spiritually. Do not be discouraged, you have plenty of opportunities to recharge the batteries of the spirit.

Spending some extra time in your House of Worship is key to bringing about balance in your life. It is also critical that you allow ample time to surround yourself with God’s wonders, that being nature. When you put the phone on silent and walk along the coast or among the trees, you have the opportunity to marvel at the natural world. Nature, again, provides you with a sense of purpose and understanding; one can find perspective about areas in their life that need some attention. Just as the seasons are always changing, so too are we; progress is a journey, not a destination. Any activity that reminds you of the underlying spiritual current of life is an invaluable aid to recovery.

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Christians Drug Rehab can help you or a loved one begin the journey of addiction recovery. Our faith-based treatment center will assist you to reconnect with God and provide you with tools for leading a productive life in recovery.